Barone Ricasoli Casalferro Review

Barone Ricasoli Casalferro Review
Barone Ricasoli Casalferro is a luxurious and full-bodied Merlot from the heart of Tuscany. With its impressive structure and balance, it is a wine that will leave a lasting impression and pair perfectly with rich and hearty dishes.

Welcome! Barone Ricasoli Casalferro review.

Barone Ricasoli Casalferro is a stunning Merlot that hails from the heart of Tuscany, Italy.

This wine is the product of meticulous care and attention, with the grapes being handpicked and sorted to ensure only the highest quality fruit is used.

The result is a wine that is bold, complex, and truly unforgettable.

Find below our Barone Ricasoli Casalferro review along with our food pairings recommendations, serving tips, curiosity, and where you can buy it.

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Our Barone Ricasoli Casalferro Review

  • Brand: Ricasoli
  • Grape Varietal: Merlot
  • Region: Italy, Tuscany
  • Tasting Notes: Ripe Blackberry & Blackcurrants fruit notes
  • Glass & Serving: Bordeaux / 59-65 °F (15-18 °C) / Decant ~1hr
  • Storage: 10+ years
  • Price Range: ~$70
  • Bottle Size: 750 ml

Barone Ricasoli Casalferro review: What's its color?

Barone Ricasoli Casalferro has a deep ruby color with violet hues and fat slow falling legs.

If you want to know more about how to taste wine and the lingo that goes with it, check out this article: How To Taste Wine Like a Pro in 4 Steps.

Barone Ricasoli Casalferro review: What are the flavors?

Barone Ricasoli Casalferro is entirely made from Merlot grapes and aged for 21 months in 30% new French oak barrels.

On the nose, it has an intense and complex nose with aromas of ripe dark fruit, such as blackberry and black cherry, as well as hints of vanilla, chocolate, and spices.

The fruit aromas are dominant, but they are perfectly balanced with the oak and spice aromas.

On the palate, it has a rich and full-bodied palate with flavors of dark fruit, such as blackberry and black cherry, as well as notes of chocolate, vanilla, and spices.

The tannins are firm and well-structured, giving the wine a long and persistent finish.

The wine has a good acidity that balances the richness of the fruit flavors.

Is Barone Ricasoli Casalferro wine sweet?

No, it’s not sweet. Tenuta di Barone Ricasoli Casalferro wine is a dry wine.

Dry wine contains less than 15 g/L.

Learn more about wine sweetness level here.

Tenuta di Barone Ricasoli Casalferro review: Which food pairs well with it?

Barone Ricasoli Casalferro pairs well with a variety of meat dishes, including beef, lamb, veal, and game meats such as venison.

The wine’s bold flavors and robust tannins make it a perfect pairing for hearty meat dishes, such as grilled steaks or braised beef.

It also pairs well with rich and flavorful sauces, such as those made with mushrooms or truffles.

For cheese pairings, Biserno di Bibbona goes well with aged and hard cheeses such as Pecorino, Parmigiano Reggiano, and aged Cheddar.

These cheeses have strong flavors that can stand up to the wine’s bold character.

For a vegetarian option, try pairing Biserno with hearty vegetable dishes such as roasted mushrooms, eggplant parmesan, or ratatouille.

Tenuta di Barone Ricasoli Casalferro review: What's its alcohol content?

Tenuta di Barone Ricasoli Casalferro wine’s alcohol content is 14.5%.

In case you wonder about alcohol content or more precisely Alcohol By Volume, i.e. ABV, measure the alcoholic strength of a drink.

There is a direct relationship between the sugar left in the wine after the alcoholic fermentation has taken place, i.e. Residual Sugar or RS, and ABV.

During alcoholic fermentation, the yeast transforms the sugar in the grape juice into alcohol.

Grapes with high residual sugar will therefore produce dry wine with a high ABV.

How many calories are in a glass of Barone Ricasoli Casalferro wine?

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture [1] a 5-ounce glass will contain about 120 to 130 calories.

Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. So a wine with high ABV will have higher calories per glass than wine with low ABV.

Furthermore, sugar contributes to the calorie count.

A dry wine will usually have 4 calories per gram vs a sweet wine that will have around 20 calories per gram of carbs, which include sugar.

What is Ricasoli?

Here is an extract from the Ricasoli website:

“Ricasoli is the most representative wine producer in the Chianti Classico area.

With its gentle hills, velvety valleys and thick woodlands of oaks and chestnuts, the 1,200 hectares of property include almost 240 hectares of vineyards and 26 of olive groves.


In conclusion, Barone Ricasoli Casalferro is a wine that captures the essence of Italian winemaking with its luxurious and complex character.

Its perfect balance of flavors and aromas, together with its rich and silky texture, make it an exceptional choice for any wine enthusiast.

This wine will pair beautifully with red meats, game, and strong cheeses, or it can be savored on its own to truly appreciate its depth and sophistication.

Experience the ultimate expression of Italian winemaking with Barone Ricasoli Casalferro.

Once you had it, we’d love to know your opinion, so reach out and let’s know what you think! Cheers!

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