The 11 Best Wines for People Who Don’t Like Wine [2024 Edition]

best wines for people who don't like wine
Wondering what are the best wines for people who don't like wine? We have selected the 11 best varieties for You!

Welcome to our list of the 11 best wines for people who don’t like wine.

We get it—wine is an acquired taste. Plenty of people spend years warming up to this complex beverage before starting to really like it.

But while preferring other drinks is a completely acceptable (and personal) decision, disliking wine can get somewhat inconvenient.

For example, at social gatherings such as dinner parties, weddings, or work functions, choosing not to partake in the consumption of wine can make you feel like the odd one out.

But fortunately for you, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of wine types out there, and maybe, just maybe, there’s one for you.

There are some lovely, light, crisp wines that are very enjoayable and easy to drink.

Whether you’re looking to expand your palate or simply find a good backup order next time you’re at a restaurant, this list of top picks for non-wine drinkers will certainly come in handy.

Keep reading if you want to find out:

11 Best Wines for People Who Don't Like Wine

You’ll find below a selection of 11 best wines for people who don’t like wine split by white, red, rosé, and sparkling.

They are perfect for those of you who are approaching the world of wine for the first time or are simply after enjoyable and easy-drinking wines.

For each of them, you’ll find a link to the best wine guide (when available) where you’ll find everything you need to know and our “best of list”. Enjoy!

3 Best White Wines for Non-Wine Drinkers

Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Pinot Grigio are our white wines’ top picks for non-wine drinkers. Let’s find out why.

Sauvignon Blanc
White wines like Sauvignon Blanc are a great place to start when you know you don’t enjoy stronger wines.

Incredibly light and bright, Sauvignon Blanc is full of juicy fruitiness and flavor, making it a delicious option for hot summer days.

One of the best things about choosing a light white wine is that you can pair it very easily with sparkling water and ice (only if you really have to…😋).

This hydrates the drink and dilutes it a little, making it even gentler on your palate.

A nice entry level would be Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc and if you want to know more about Sauvignon Blanc you can check our guide here.

Unequivocally, the world’s most popular white wine and a great choice for beginners, Chardonnay has a high reputation for a reason.

It’s light, fruity, and just acidic enough, especially if you go for the unoaked version.

Just like Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay goes down a treat alongside sparkling water and ice for a refreshingly cold spritzer that’s hard to grow weary of.

Some of its most prominent flavor notes include juicy papaya, lemon, pineapple, vanilla, and crisp apples. Try to find one aged in oak too!

We recommend you try Bogle Chardonnay and if you like the style you can check out our guide on Chardonnay for more suggestions here.

Pinot Grigio
Citrusy, zesty, and bright, Pinot Grigio is an immensely popular white wine that is nearly impossible to dislike (but you can be the judge on that).

Sometimes, compared to a sparkling glass of cold lemonade, Pinot Grigio is undeniably refreshing and zingy.

With a high acidity level and a low-lying natural sweetness, this fruity, lemon-esque white wine should be on the top of your “must try” list if it isn’t already.

Try Josh Pinot Grigio, that’s one of the lightest white wine you’ll find around. If you want to learn more about Pinot Grigio or find other recommendations check our guide here.

4 Best Red Wines for Non-Wine Drinkers

Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Grenache, and Gamay are our red wines’ top picks for non-wine drinkers. Let’s find out why.

Pinot Noir
When most people think of light, fruity, and unassuming red wines, they automatically think of Pinot Noir.

Elegant and bright, Pinot Noir has a little bit of acidic tang and plenty of complex aromas to keep your palate entertained—some of which include red fruits, chamomile flowers, and pink pepper.

With a pleasantly low alcohol content, you can drink quite a lot of Pinot Noir without feeling too heavy afterward.

Bonus: it’s a very popular wine that you can easily find at most bars and restaurants.

As an entry-level wine, we particularly liked Mirassou Pinot Noir as its light and easy to drink. Read the Pinot Noir guide if you want to know more about it.

Grenache or Garnacha
A light and versatile red wine, Grenache is a firm favorite worldwide.

This fruity, spicy, and bright wine is originally made in Spain and is perfect for sipping on hot summer afternoons.

Although quite high in acidity, Grenache (or as it’s known in Spain, Garnacha) has an extremely light body, making it a great accompaniment to meals.

But if you are looking for something buoyant to savor on its own, Grenache will almost never disappoint.

We recommend you try Andre Brunel Grenache for an aperitif. Let us know how it goes! 

Gamay or Beaujolais
Gamay is an incredibly versatile wine that falls into the very small category of reds which you can serve chilled.

It’s also known as Beaujolais and it’s meant to be consumed young.

Available as a Rosé and even in sparkling form, Gamay is lusciously light, allowing you to experience the body of a red wine without the heaviness that often follows.

Low in tannins and average in alcoholic content, Gamay makes a happy addition to any celebration, meal, or social gathering.

Try a bottle of Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages and let us know what you think of it.

Zinfandel or Primitivo
Another delightfully light red wine, Zinfandel, is full of gentle but sweet notes of raspberry jam and strawberries, and cream.

Often aged in oak barrels, this exuberant red wine sometimes has a flavor profile of vanilla and hints of spice.

This fruity wine works well for non-wine drinkers due to its playful berry notes and unobtrusive acidity levels.

Be warned, though, the alcohol content is higher than most!

A yummy bottle for you is OZV Old Vine Zinfandel. If you want to know more, check out our guide here

Best Rosé Wine for Non-Wine Drinkers

Although you need to be careful of which kind of Rosé you order, this hybrid wine of both red and wine can make a delightful, pleasant, and playful drinking experience.

Rosé wines can indeed be both dry or sweet.

Typical dry Rosé are Grenache Rosé, Sangiovese Rosé, Tempranillo Rosé, and Syrah Rosé, amongst many others.

White Zinfandel is one of the most famous sweet Rosé.

Fresh and pink, this blushing wine is perfect when chilled on a balmy weekend or for a charming little pick-me-up after work.

And due to its balance of red and white, Rosé is usually a crowd pleaser.

We recommend you start with Pinot Grigio Rosé and more specifically with The Pinot Project Rosé. You can find more about Pinot Grigio Rosé here.

2 Best Sparkling Wines for Non-Wine Drinkers

Prosecco and Lambrusco are our sparkling wines’ top picks for non-wine drinkers. Let’s find out why.

Prosecco is the most famous sparkling wine in Italy. It is also the Italian wine most exported worldwide, and for a good reason.

It’s easy to drink and the good thing about bubbles is that they are very versatile and go well with many dishes.

Apple, lemon, pear, and melon are typical of Prosecco’s aromas. We recommend you start with La Marca Prosecco N.V.

If you want to find further suggestions or simply would like to learn more about Prosecco check our guide here.

Arguably the world’s lightest red wine, Lambrusco is a popular choice for non-wine drinkers all over.

A little bit bubble and fizz, Lambrusco is what you would get if Champagne and red wine had a beautiful lovechild. It’s that dreamy!

With the effervescence and brightness of a sparkling wine and the warming tannins of red wine, this luxurious Northern Italian elixir is a great option for anyone who needs a gentle introduction to wine.

It comes in a dry, aka secco, or slightly sweet, aka amabile version, we recommend you start with the amabile version and precisely with Cleto Chiarli Lambrusco Lambrusco di Modena Amabile.

Best Dessert Wine for Non-Wine Drinkers

Moscato is our top pick for dessert wine.

Sweet, playful, and sparkling, Moscato is a low-alcohol wine that often accompanies appetizers and decadent desserts.

Made from the Muscat grape, this effervescent wine is known for its endearing flavor profile of sweet peaches, apricots, vanilla, and orange blossom.

Bursting with natural sweetness and a bright, bubbly texture, Moscato is a great option for anyone who is looking for an easy, delicious drink to sip on amongst friends or family.

Try Bartenura Moscato d’Asti to start with and you won’t be disappointed. If you want to learn more about Moscato check our guide here

In conclusion

This is our list of the 11 best wines for people who don’t like wine. 

We know everyone’s tastes are different and not everyone will fall utterly in love with wine.

But if you’re interested in pushing the boundaries of your palate and stepping out of your comfort zone, any of the wines on this list would be a great place to start!

We hope the above guide is useful to you and if you believe there are other suitable wines just let us know! 

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