Is Wine Gluten-Free? 3 Simple & Practical Things To Know

Is wine gluten-free
Most of the times wine is gluten-free. There could though be some cases of cross-contamination. Let's find out more!

Wondering if is wine gluten-free? Keep reading you’ll find your answers!

Let’s start by saying that gluten is the name used for the proteins found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale. It acts as a glue that holds food together.

Could there be gluten in wine? Usually wine is gluten-free but there could  be cases of cross-contaminations as you’ll see below.

The residual amount is usually very small and has no effect on most people with celiac disease as shown by research. 

Having said that those of you who are particular sensitive to it could still get in impacted.

We’ll see as well what you can do to find out if there’s gluten in your wine, so that you can enjoy your fav with peace of mind.

Keep reading if you want to find out:

Is wine gluten-free?

Wine is usually considered gluten-free, given it’s made from fermented grapes that are naturally gluten-free.
In case you wonder, in the USA, any food that contains less than 0.002% or 20 ppm gluten is considered gluten-free. This is the case for most wines.
So is wine always gluten-free? Not always, but most likely it is.
There could be some cross-contaminations during the winemaking process.
They are rare and the residual amount is, according to numerous studies, below 20 ppm.
This means it’s unlikely to cause significant effects on most people with celiac disease.[1]

Is there a wine gluten-free certification?

Yes there is!

Since October 2020 The Alcoholic and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) allowed gluten-free to be present on wine labels.

You’ll progressively see more gluten-free on wine bottles going forward

What are some examples of gluten cross-contamination?

There are at least two cases of cross-contamination that could occur during the winemaking process:

  • Clarification or Fining process
  • Ageing process in wooden casks
Clarifications or Fining is a common practice in winemaking used to improve wine’s clarity and stability.
Gluten-free products are usually employed here like egg whites, milk, and fish protein for example.
Having said gluten could be used but the amount left is usually below 20 ppm, as seen above, which makes it ok for the majority of people with celiac disease.
Nonetheless, those of you who are particularly sensitive to it could be impacted as shown by this study. [2]
Wooden casks are another form of cross-contamination that could occur in the aging phase.
When the wine is stored in oak barrels sealed with wheat paste, which contains gluten, cross-contamination could take place.
Now, in case you wonder, this is a rare practice. The most common sealant these days is paraffin which is naturally gluten-free.
One way to avoid any inconvenience is to opt for wines aged in stainless, concrete, or ceramic tanks instead of oak.

How can I make sure my wine is gluten-free?

There are at least two things that you can do:

  1. You should check the label for the gluten-free certification.
  2. Call the winery to verify the gluten content.

Are wine drinks, wine coolers and flavored wines gluten-free?

Wine drinks, wine coolers and flavored wines are not real wins and are not made 100% from grapes.

As such they could contain gluten, especially those made with malt-base.

In conclusion

Is wine gluten-free? By now, you should be able to properly answer.

As we’ve seen above, wine is made from fermented grapes which are naturally gluten-free.

As such wine is most likely gluten free, but there could be some cross-contaminations.

When in doubt you can check the label or call the winery to confirm.

We’ve also seen that wine drinks, wine coolers and flavored wines aren’t always gluten-free, specially those made with malt-base.

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