Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz 2020 Review

Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz Review
Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz is a standout wine that truly represents the quality of McLaren Vale winemaking and it is a must-try for any wine enthusiast.

Welcome! This is our Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz review.

Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz 2020 is a premium red wine from the McLaren Vale region of South Australia.

Made from 100% Shiraz grapes, this wine is a bold and intense expression of the region’s winemaking style.

The wine is aged in American oak barrels, resulting in a complex and full-bodied wine.

Find below our Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz full review along with our food pairings recommendations, serving tips, curiosity, and where you can buy it.

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Our Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz Review

  • Brand: Mollydooker
  • Grape Varietal: Shiraz
  • Region: Australia, South Australia
  • Tasting Notes: Black Cherry & Plum fruit notes
  • Glass & Serving: Bordeaux / 59-64 °F (15-18 °C) / Decant up to 1 hr
  • Store: Up to 5 Years
  • Price Range: ~$30
  • Bottle Size: 750 ml

Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz review: What's its color?

Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz wine has a deep purple color with a bright and youthful appearance with thin slowly falling legs.

If you want to know more about how to taste wine and the lingo that goes with it, check out this article: How To Taste Wine Like a Pro in 4 Steps.

What does Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz taste like?

Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz is made fom Shiraz grapes and aged in 100% American oak, using 45% new, 25% one year old, and 30% two year old barrels.

On the nose, it offers a rich and intense bouquet of dark fruit, such as black cherry and plum, along with notes of spice and vanilla.
There are also hints of chocolate and espresso, adding a touch of complexity to the wine.
On the palate, it is full-bodied and rich, with flavors of dark fruit, such as black cherry and plum, as well as notes of vanilla, spice, and chocolate.
The wine has a smooth and velvety texture, with well-integrated tannins that add structure and balance.
The wine has a long and persistent finish, with a touch of acidity that adds to its overall complexity.

Is Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz sweet?

No, it’s not sweet. Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz wine is a dry wine.

Dry wine contains less than 15 g/L.

Learn more about wine sweetness level here.

Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz review: Which food pairs well with it?

Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz is a bold wine with intense flavors, as such, we recommend to pair with equally strong flavor dishes.

Classic appetizers are veal ragu pasta, grilled vegetables, onions and mushroom dishes to name some.

Meat wise go for burgers, BBQ ribs, and lamb for example.

If you are a cheese lover our recommendations for you are semi-hard and blue cheeses like Cheddar and Gorgonzola for example.

Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz review: What's its alcohol content?

Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz wine’s alcohol content is 15.5%.

In case you wonder about alcohol content or more precisely Alcohol By Volume, i.e. ABV, measure the alcoholic strength of a drink.

There is a direct relationship between the sugar left in the wine after the alcoholic fermentation has taken place, i.e. Residual Sugar or RS, and ABV.

During alcoholic fermentation, the yeast transforms the sugar in the grape juice into alcohol.

Grapes with high residual sugar will therefore produce dry wine with a high ABV.

How many calories are in a glass of Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz wine?

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture [1] a 5-ounce glass will contain about 120 to 130 calories.

Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. So a wine with high ABV will have a higher calories per glass than a wine with low ABV.

Furthermore, sugar contributes to the calorie count.

A dry wine will usually have 4 calories per grams vs a sweet wine that will have around 20 calories per grams of carbs, which include sugar.

What is Mollydooker?

Here is an extract from the Mollydooker website:

“Our magical tale begins with a love story & a dream to create something fun.


Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz 2020 is a truly impressive wine that showcases the winemaking skills and unique terroir of the McLaren Vale region.

Its intense fruit flavors, bold structure, and smooth tannins make it a stand-out example of Australian Shiraz.

This balance makes The Boxer incredibly versatile, pairing well with a wide range of dishes, from hearty grilled meats to spicy Indian curries.

It’s a wine that can be enjoyed now or cellared for several years to come, as its complexity and structure will continue to evolve with time.

Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz 2020 is a must-try for any Shiraz lover or anyone looking to experience the bold, fruit-driven wines of Australia.

Once you had it, we’d love to know your opinion, so reach out and let’s know what you think! Enjoy!


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Syrah/Shiraz.

Where does Syrah/Shiraz grow best?

Syrah/Shiraz gives its best in a moderate to cool climate, eg France: Rhône Valley. It is though as well cultivated in warm climates too, e.g. Australia.

When is the perfect time to drink Syrah/Shiraz?

If you have organized a BBQ or have been invited to one, Syrah/Shiraz is your best bet. It will complement perfectly with ribs, burgers, and any other braised or roasted meats.

What are the differences between Syrah vs Shiraz?

Syrah and Shiraz are two different names for the same grape that though produces different styles.

  • Syrah is the name used in France and for the “Old World” wine style. It usually has higher acidity, higher tannins, herbaceous and earthy notes, moderate fruit components with tertiary smoke flavors.

  • Shiraz is the name used in Australia and for the “New World” wine style. It usually is easier to drink with fewer tannins, higher in alcohol, intense black fruit aromas, with tertiary spice (black pepper) flavors.

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