Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Red Review

Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Red Review
Let's find out more about Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Red wine.

This is our Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Red review.

If you have never heard or even worse tried a 19 Crimes red bottle, you are missing big time!

Their reds are delicious and offer bold and fruity flavors. In case you wonder they are light on your wallet too! What do you want more uh?! 

They are also the first wine brand to have introduced Augmented Reality (AR) experience. If you download their app, the label will talk to you. 😲

We tried this Snopp Dogg Cali Red and we can gladly say that they have delivered once again!

Find below our Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Red full review along with our food pairings recommendations, serving tips, curiosity and where you can buy it.

Let’s begin!

Our Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Red Review

  • Brand: 19 Crimes
  • Grape Varietal: Red Blend, Petit Syrah, Merlot, Zinfandel
  • Region: United States, California
  • Tasting Notes: Black & Blue fruit notes
  • Glass & Serving: Bordeaux / 59-64 °F (15-18 °C)
  • Price Range: $10-$15
  • Bottle Size: 750 ml

Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Red review: What's its color?

Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Red wine’s color is intense and ranges from deep ruby to purple with numerous legs slow to fall.

If you want to know more on how to taste wine and the lingo that goes with it, check out this article: How To Taste Wine Like a Pro in 4 Steps.

Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Red review: What are the flavors?

19 Crimes Snoop Dogg Cali Red Wine is a red blend of Petit Syrah, Zinfandel and Merlot.

It is a full and dense California red wine blend with strong black & blue fruit notes up front from the Petite Syrah.

Zinfandel complements it with bright red, slightly candied fruit in the background.

The darkly toasted oak ties it all together along with a slightly sweet finish. 

Is Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Red wine sweet?

No it’s not sweet. Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Red wine is a dry to off-dry wine.

  • A dry wine contains less than 15 g/L.
  • An off dry wine contains between 15-30 g/l.

Learn more about wine sweetness level here.

Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Red review: Which food pairs well with it?

Pair this Cali Red Wine with bold flavors like rich meaty dishes.

We recommend pasta with veal ragu and grilled vegetables to name some.

Meat wise go for game, duck, stews, BBQ ribs, burgers, grilled beef, and lamb.

If you are into cheese, your safest bets are always Cheddar, Gorgonzola, and the likes.

Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Red review: What's its alcohol content?

Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Red wine’s alcohol content is 13.5%.

In case you wonder about alcohol content or more precisely Alcohol By Volume, i.e. ABV, measure the alcoholic strength of a drink.

There is a direct relationship between the sugar left in the wine after the alcoholic fermentation has taken place, i.e. Residual Sugar or RS, and ABV.

During alcoholic fermentation, the yeast transforms the sugar in the grape juice into alcohol.

Grapes with high residual sugar will therefore produce dry wine with a high ABV.

How many calories are in a glass of Snoop Dogg 19 Crimes Cali Red wine?

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture a 5-ounce glass will contain about 120 to 130 calories.

Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. So a wine with high ABV will have a higher calories per glass than a wine with low ABV.

Furthermore, sugar contributes to the calorie count.

A dry wine will usually have 4 calories per grams vs a sweet wine that will have around 20 calories per grams of carbs, which include sugar.

What is 19 Crimes?

19 Crimes tells the true story of rulebreakers who beat the odds, overcame adversity, and went on to become folk heroes in their society.

This spirit lives on today through innovators and culture creators, like Cali’s own Snoop Dogg.

A leader in contemporary pop culture, Snoop embodies the timeless values of the 19 Crimes rogues who came before him.

What are 19 Crimes talking labels?

19 Crimes is the firm wine brand to have introduced Augmented Reality (AR) experience.

If you download their app Living Wine Labels [1] and point it to the wine label, it will talk to you telling its story. It’s quite cool if you ask me.


If you are after a delicious bold fruity red wine priced below $15 to be paired with your fav BBQ or burger dish, this is it.

If you have never tried it, I’m not entirely sure what are you still waiting for?

Once you had it, we’d love to know your opinion, so reach out and let’s know what you think! Enjoy!

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